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The Miracle Mile Improvement District (MMID) was formed as a non-profit organization to improve the safety, security, appearance, and economic growth of the area. The Miracle Mile District includes all the businesses fronting Pacific Avenue from Alpine to Harding, and those businesses on Harding Way from El Dorado Street to Lincoln Street.

The Miracle Mile Improvement District offers more than 150 retail, dining, service and professional businesses waiting to give you that personal service that only a small business owner can provide.  Located in the heart of Stockton, a short distance from the University of the Pacific, we boast one of Stocktons’ most unique neighborhoods with our historical shopping district full of great finds, good eats, and nostalgic charm!     Grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner, deposit a check, get your taxes taken care of, rent a jump house, get teeth checked, or pick up your prescription. All this and more with free, convenient parking on the street and in the public parking lots, marked along the district.  

Here on the Miracle Mile, there’s nothing cookie-cutter about our collective. We’re funky, friendly, down-to-earth and authentic. We like to find our own way. Pave our own path. Walk through life to our own little eclectic beat.

We’re not uptown. We’re not downtown. We’re right in the middle. The perfect blend of neighborly and interesting. Authentic and curious. And that’s just the way we like it. 

Linking lives through shared experiences

To people who seek authentic flavor,
Miracle Mile is the local destination 
that offers a walkable neighborhood vibe.

Welcoming, Lively, Loyal, Memorable

Midtown Explorer

Get Involved!

The Miracle Mile Property Business Improvement District is looking for engaged, passionate MMID Members who are interested in serving on the MMID Board of Directors and/or on a Committee. If having your finger on the pulse of the community and creating new ideas and initiatives for midtown sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, get more information and an application here.

Miracle Mile PBID

How is the PBID managed?

The Miracle Mile Property Business Improvement District is the management entity for the PBID for the Miracle Mile. The Board of Directors consists of property owners and business owners. The Board governs the organization, ensuring that the funds are collected and spent according to the District Management Plan. Meetings of the board and its subcommittees are subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act and must be open to the public. The Miracle Mile PBID is on its third 5 year renewal, and the property owners may vote to renew the PBID for 2023.

Does the City of Stockton reduce services because the Miracle Mile has a PBID?

Absolutely not, which is one of the main attractions with a PBID. A service baseline agreement is entered into with all City agencies that provide services to the Miracle Mile. The PBID holds those agencies accountable for continuing to provide services and under California law, the City is not allowed to cut services specific to our district unless it is making cuts City wide.

Where is the Miracle Mile Property Business Improvement District?

Essentially, most commercial properties Pacific Avenue between Alpine Avenue to Harding Way, and West to El Dorado and West to Lincoln Street on Harding Way.

How much does the PBID cost and when and how are assessments made?

Assessments vary for each property and is based on three components: lot size, building size and linear street frontage with a cost multiplier tied to each and based on methodology used in dozens of other PBIDs. The PBID assesment is included in property owners’ tax bills. Properties are categorized into three zones.

Do Miracle Mileresidents pay a PBID assessment?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! No one outside the boundaries of the PBID pays any assessment for the PBID.