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Miracle Mile Advocacy

AB179 (Assembly Bill)

(I) $20,000,000 to the City of Stockton for the Miracle Mile Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, including Pedestrian Crossing Upgrades Improvements, Public Safety Improvements, and Revitalization Improvements. The Department of Transportation shall convene a Miracle Mile ad hoc workgroup from members of the community at large, including the office of the local Assembly Member, for the purpose of making recommendations to the City of Stockton on how to fulfill the requirements of this subparagraph (I). The City of Stockton shall have until January 1, 2028, to spend the funds to fulfill the requirements of this subparagraph.

Ad Hoc Workgroup Conceptual Design Report

California Legislative Information:

Caltrans Stockton’s Miracle Mile Project:

An Open Letter from the Miracle Mile Improvement District

Stockton Public Works

Pedestrian Crosswalks

Parking Lots

Miracle Mile Wishlist 2021

Security Camera Hardware and Installation RFP