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Miracle Mile Overlay – Ad hoc Committee

  1. Overview of zoning designations

16.16.020 Zoning districts established. (

  1. CN neighborhood commercial

16.24.080 CN (commercial, neighborhood) zoning district standards. (

  1. CG commercial general

16.24.090 CG (commercial, general) zoning district standards. (

  1. UC university college

16.24.190 UC (university/college) zoning district standards. (

  1. Magnolia Historic Overlay District as an example of how the Miracle Mile Overlay Distract can deviate from a zoning designation.

16.28.060 Magnolia historic (-MHD) overlay district. (

  1. This is the 2004 City Wide Design Guidelines. Read the section on the Miracle Mile, starting on page 217

Microsoft Word – Cover_Mar2004.doc (stocktonca.go

7. A tool on the City of Stockton’s website that could be useful and informative:

Tab 3 shows the EXISTING Zoning designations on the Mile and surrounding areas.
Tab 4 shows the PROPOSED 2040 Zoning designations